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Holistic Healing

With a rich experience of over two decades, spiritual healer Malinie Arora has become a name synonymous to holistic healing. As a professional tarot card reader, crystal healer, vastu consultant and life coach, she is a leading consultant to many well-known entities and establishments. She established Panchtattva Healing Studio in 2000 with a mission to help people connect with their true selves and heal. By putting science of spirituality into practice, this space has been nurtured and energised with positive vibrations and healthy affirmations. She later collaborated with entrepreneur Shipra Sharad and launched Aum: The Mystic Mart, which is a one stop shop to everything mystical and magical. Every product available at Aum is personally energised by Malinie Arora as per the consumers’ requirements. Both the brands prosper under her expert supervision and her aura continues to enlighten minds, bodies and spirits for overall wellness of individuals, families and communities.


Yogic Healing

Yogic Healing of aum the mystic mart

Meditation is a natural state of being. The healer guides the participants to channel their renewed energies to the part of the body which needs healing.

Yogic Healing of aum the mystic mart

Hatha yoga yokes together two energies—ha (sun) and tha (moon). It improves body alignment, purifies nadis (channels) and harmonizes mind, body and spirit.

Japa Yoga

Japa yoga incorporates the use of mantras to sharpen the mind and bring peace and calmness. The focus is directed on the sound, duration and repetition of mantras.

Yogic Healing of aum the mystic mart

Kids Yoga helps children to improve concentration, instill positive energies and boost confidence. These fun sessions include asanas, pranayama and interactive games.

Yogic Healing of aum the mystic mart

If you're looking for a really intense workout, Ashtanga Yoga is the way to go. It's a series of poses that are connected by breath to form a continuous flow..

Therapeautc yoga of aum the mystic mart

This form is flexible and fulfils the needs of patients with different medical conditions and physical abilities with acupressure, stretching and breathing.

Yogic Healing of aum the mystic mart

This strenuous form of yoga improves posture, sheds weight and increases stamina and flexibility. These classes require a certain level of fitness and strength.

Yogic Healing of aum the mystic mart

Prenatal Yoga helps pregnant women prepare their minds and bodies for their new role as mothers. These classes prepare your mind and body for smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Postnatal Yoga of aum the mystic mart

Postnatal Yoga includes gentle workout sessions that tone the abdominal muscles, restores hormonal balance and ensures increased stamina for new mothers.

Mystic Healing
Hypnotherapy min

Hypnotherapy is a safe, brief and effective technique to release deep-rooted trauma that is stored in the subconscious mind. It addresses unexplained fearsand helps you deal with addictions and anxieties.

Pendulum Dowsing min

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum Dowsing brings your rational and intuitive sides together and aids in decision-making. Pendulums can also be used for healing purposes and cleansing negativity. They help you find lost objects, pets and people.

Vastu consultancy

Vastu is a system of design and construction that aims at establishing a dynamic balance between form and energy to maximise harmonious vibrations. We offer private consultation for construction of homes and offices.

Reiki Healing min

Reiki balances the energies in the body and promotes self-healing. It is a powerful way of treating health issues. The healer transmits the universal life force through their hands to the patient’s body.

crystal Healing min

Crystal Healing

Crystals can influence our body chakras. Different crystal combinations cater to different needs of health, business and relationships. We place assorted stones on and around the body in a pattern intended to balance the flow of energies.

Fengshui Guidance

Feng shui is based on five elements which are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Each element is associated with a specific quality, and you can add these qualities to your home and life.

Navel centralization

Navel Centralization gets your abdominal area into shape and activates the power of the third chakra. This practice cures the misalignment of the navel and stomach muscles and charges your magnetic field.

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

The tarot connects to the energy channels in the universe which help people receive guidance for their future paths. The tarot reader interprets the cards to develop an overview of your situation and help you with predictions and divination.

Numerological Predictions

Almost every activity in our life or business is governed by numerical analysis and interpretations. Our numerologists offer consultation for choosing an appropriate name for a person, prospects of potential business or life partners.

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